What do you see?

By Kristin Burpo on April 23, 2013 0 Comments

What dreams and visions have God placed inside of you? Is there something burning deep inside of you? God puts in each one of us dreams and visions. Maybe it seems unattainable. Maybe it has been there for a very long time and nothing seems to be happening. We must continue to trust God for those dreams to come about.  If we place them in God's hands and allow Him to work out all the details, they will come about in the right timing. I heard someone say just the other day, that if we receive the right thing at the "wrong" time, it is the wrong thing.  Waiting on God's timing is key. We can't lose hope in the waiting though.  We must continue to look deep inside and picture that promise and "see" it.  Believe God for something and allow Him to put that picture He sees onto the imagination of your heart.  Keep dreaming and believing and let's not lose our hope in what God dreams for us!

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