Tuning In

By Kristin Burpo on March 27, 2013 0 Comments

Sometimes we get overload with noise.  There are voices telling us one thing and voices telling us another thing.  We hear what the doctors are saying about something and we get friends opinions.  We consult our spouse and even the latest talk show. These things can all be good and people can be well intentioned, but have we stopped to ask God about it?  There are times in our lives we must turn off all the extra noise, the static that is interfering with what God is trying to say.  He ultimately knows all the answers and He has given us a Book where we can turn to in search of those answers.  I want to encourage you today to tune out all of the extra voices talking to you today and tune into God's voice.  Look to His word, the Bible. Pray for direction and He will speak.  Sometimes, all He's waiting on is for us to simply ask.

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