In the quiet

By Kristin Burpo on May 08, 2013 0 Comments

Have you ever questioned wether or not God was there?  Have you been through times where God was silent?  Today I am reminded of the many times in my own life where I really wondered where God was.  Those times were great trials of my faith and I had to look to find where I could get strength and hope.   I had to search and find God in the midst of the deafening silence. God had to remind me to remember my past experiences where I heard God loud and clear.  I looked back in past journals where I had written down personal testimonies and scriptures that had ministered to me.  I also turned to the Bible.  There are countless stories recorded in the pages of the Bible that remind us of God's faithfulness and truth.  Just think about Joseph, who over 13 years of trials and test never discounted the dream God had placed in his heart.  He had to be ridiculed. He went to jail. He wasn't believed. No one seemed to be on his side, but he still trusted God.   God asked Abraham to leave everything he knew (comfort place) and move to a new land with new challenges and no one for support.  Even Jesus as he hung on the cross had a moment of desperation where He cried out to the Father "why have You forsaken me?" God had not left Him. God was only being silent. God had a plan, but at that moment there seemed to be no hope. There seemed to be no burning bush blazing in front. No waters parting. The voice of God said nothing.  But God was still working. 

I want to encourage you today that God is still working. There may be no audible voice of God, but He is still there. There may be no answers right now, but continue to put your faith in God. Continue to do what you know to do. Continue to seek Him out, because He is there. Find comfort in the Word of God. Find rest knowing that there have been men and women that have gone before us who have gone through what you're going through right now. God is simply being quiet, waiting to see if you'll still be there after the storm dies down.

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