Formulating God

By Dustin Bupro on March 25, 2013 0 Comments

As we go through life we try to figure out all the AWESOME things that God does and is going to do. We start to think that we have got the God of the universe figured out. In fact we have Him so figured out that we know His formula for doing things. We try to say that if we pray in the morning then that is how He hears our prayers. Sometimes we go as far as to think that if we do this or that then God will answer our prayers better. Maybe we think that God will only use the super spiritual power preachers to spread the gospel. The truth is that no matter how hard we tray to put God in a FORMULA He will blow our minds. Just when we think we have Him all figured out "BAM" He does it a new way.  God likes to keep things real and new. He likes to cause us to think. Who are we to think that there is a formula for how the GOD of the universe is going to do something. I challenge us today to let God out of the BOX! We will be totally AMAZED by what God will do when we let Him out of the small tiny box that we have put Him in. I can't wait to hear what God has done in our lives as we let God be God in our lives. 

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